The Exile deck you cowards never built

HolyMackerel 1044

What's the best Shaper card?

Clone Chip!

Who's the best at Clone Chipping?

Exile! The deck builds itself!

Everyone wants to play Exile! Anyone who says they don't is either lying or so lacking in imagination they might as well be a Simpsons episode. Nobody is as cool as Exile, and if you play this deck, you'll be cool too!

Who needs permanent sh*t on the board anyway? Sell that garbage when you don't need it no more. Useless Podcasts? SOLD! Empty programs? SOLD! Bitcoin wallets? SOLD! You install them for free anyway, so who gives a rat's ass?

Corp turtling up behind ICE? Faceplant them all, and get breakers back without even trying! Install them for free of Sahasrara, use your Cybertrooper for free boosts, then dunk them right back in the heap with Aesop again. Did I mention you get to draw cards when you're doing this? The Dumpster Diver has your back!

Worried about running out of cash? Just hit the streets, pick up a Clone Chip, use it on the corp's turn to get back a free Cache and card draw, then sell it to Aesop again, loading your District with 2 new counters in the process, getting the machine running again in no time.

Corps trying to score behind gearchecks? Compile some code in order to summon The Creator Himself, plough through all their ICE and recycle your programs in the process.

Orange players just wanna blow shit up until they get fragged by a missile. Blue players just wanna steal money until they get stopped by a Vanilla. Only green has the cohones to make a Rube Goldberg machine with no discernable purpose that somehow wins!

31 Oct 2019 Renegat

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

31 Oct 2019 h0bb35

3 influence spent for 1x District 99 in an Exile deck. Love it.

31 Oct 2019 HolyMackerel

@calvin D99 is a shaper card in disguise, and I would love to shuffle influence around to get a second copy in there. Either cutting one of the bin-breakers and Stimhack, or David and get a spare influence for something else. But David is just too good....

31 Oct 2019 mcbeast

This tickles my interest.

31 Oct 2019 Shiiuga

Yes those cowards like me who took this style of exile build to Crown of Lasers and have been making variations of it for 3 years.

You aren't even using Flame Out, so tell me who the real coward is.

31 Oct 2019 HolyMackerel

@Shiiuga: Fair play, sir. Flame Out is indeed cool as all hell, and I bow to your strength. Cool Exile needs more attention, and that demands clickbait-y titles.

1 Nov 2019 Number Three

This write up has Big Bill Hell energy.

2 Nov 2019 Apex Predator

In the olden days, I always wanted a viable Exile. That day has arrived.

I like this.

2 Nov 2019 Cliquil

45 cards? Really? If you're so brave with Exile why do you not trust the draw to draw you everything you need and go to 46 or 47?