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JDC_Wolfpack 111

The deck is straightforward. Get mopus online, get breakers in the bin. Multi-access/remote camp for the win.

Card choices:

MemStrips: You get to keep your suckers and imps on deck once your rig is established. Often a single sucker counter can save your 3 credits so this is usually worth it. This could potentially be avoided by just playing Maw, but I like TurnTable in the current meta.

TurnTable: Unfortunately you don't get to steal Astro with counter anymore, but you can swap a Hostile takeover for Atlas w/ token against Titan, Nisei w/o token for an Obokata/TFP, Efficiency Committee w/ counters for Vitruvious, or even just any 2 pointer for a GFI so your opponent needs to score 4 agendas. Having cheap extra MU helps too since you want Mopus down early and you will likely want your full rig shortly after.

Femme: This could be an Aumakua, and maybe that's better since it saves money on cheap ice and synergizes with memstrips, but the deck doesn't usually make many runs. You're either setting up, set up and clicking mopus, smashing ice (usually not going to access step), or getting cheap accesses for sucker counters.

I slotted 1 slums on the day over an inject. This should've gone in the 2nd imp slot. I was drawing a fair bit throughout the day, and a 3rd inject would've been very helpful.