Operational (9th Atomic Regionals)

Claytron 66

This was the deck I took to my first Regionals (2015 - Atomic Empire).

Wound up just shy of the cut in 9th place. Record was 4 wins, 1 timed win of 7 games.

Runner is at: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/23942/demon-kate-variant

It's pretty self-explanatory - make money, put tags on R&D & HQ. Try for an Astro, or Midseasons into PsychoBeale. Very much inspired by: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/22037/when-the-flash-wears-yellow-v-2-undefeated-bratislava-regi

Game 1

Loss v. Quetzal. Loss on major points. Bad mid seasons and poor rez of San San on my part. This was very much a learning game for me. I had about 2-games of experience with this variety of TWIY*, and wasn't sure how much to leave in the bank. I had enough for the SanSan and the Tollbooth protecting it, but not enough for the Midseasonsthat would have helped when he sniped one out of R&D.

Game 2

Win v. MaxX. Going for Faust and HQ trash with hemmorage. Scored out an early Astro for the later fast-advance, then I ice'd up all the servers which shut his gameplan down for good.

Game 3

Win v. Valencia. Got really lucky and chained 3 AstroScripts before a wanton removed the rest of the cards from my hand. But by that point I didn't care, saw a Beale and scored it.

Game 4

Loss v E.Kim. Early game Faust pressure. Late game became a HQ lock. A rez of a data raven lost me too much money to fast-advance off of a SanSan City Grid, leaving too many agendas in hand, and then a multi-access HQ run saw them all and gave him the win.

Game 5

Win. V Valencia. Was going for a data-leak reversal to trash me out of cards in R&D. Thankfully no agendas were trashed. Realized they had no plan to get into my remote and I pushed out the agendas I had before getting milled.

Game 6

Win at time v. Kit. We only had a few minutes to play after the RP matchup (maybe 15-20). Managed to rush out 6 points. Went to time on the runner's last turn, when the agenda that would have won me the game entirely was sniped from my hand. Didn't draw another and hence a win-on-time (I was ahead 6-2). Runner left SanSan City Grid on the board - big mistake and allowed me to get out the 6 agenda points.

Game 7

Win v. Whiz. Runner again left SanSan on the board (always trash!). He couldn't trash my operations, and so it was just money -> fast-advance.

20 Jul 2015 linuxmaier

Why Crick? You don't have too much to re-install from Archives, nor generally much to protect there. Is it to bring trashed ICE back?

21 Jul 2015 Claytron

I would bring back Jackson in an instant. The main reason, though is for SanSan: it's that's another and 5 tax on the runner, and useful since I'm only running a single core set and don't have Interns. For a 4th click run, it would be great to bring back an Astro or Beale.

Really, though, I just wanted to see how it would do. I had only recently picked up the pack :). There's a bit of that in this deck - pretty much all of the 1-of's were test: Crick, Tollbooth, Closed Accounts, even Sansan to an extent.

I never saw the closed accounts, and my feeling towards the Tollbooth were mixed - it was nice to keep them out, and you'll have the money to rez-it, but it might set you back more than you want. Crick only came up once (in a practice match to boot), and my anarch opponent didn't run archives once he saw the look of glee on my face.

Sansan though, is a definite keep, always worth it. Helps get the Astro out if you don't get the midseasons-beale.