Mushin Medtech

Cuacuani 89

'What's that Skippy, we've got a GNK this week? It's post-rotation? We've not had any time to practice or even really look at the internet? Well then, I guess we'd better fall back on that half-idea we had about Harmony Medtech.'

My favourite Corp deck just got itself rotated and I didn't really have much time to do anything else, so went back to the bad Medtech deck I was playing a while ago.

Mushin No Shin things into servers, then either score them out, flatline the runner or sell them to disenfranchised youths for money.

The gist is that the Runner needs to either win 2 psi-games or steal 3 agendas to win, whereas you only need to score 2. With only six agendas in the deck along with nine nasty surprises (Snare!, Shi.Kyū and Chrysalis) don't worry too much about the Runner winning via random accesses.

Plink away with net damage, luck out one agenda and you should be able to force the runner into a situation where they've got to run a Mushin'd Junebug, because they can't risk it being an agenda.

This deck got two flatlines, both off the aforementioned Mushin'd Junebug it lost the third game in amusing fashion - the runner had 9 agenda points printed on the cards in their score area but were only on 4 agenda points (two Global Food Initiative one The Future Perfect and three Shi.Kyū). Ultimately I got Apocalypsed twice, couldn't recover and got decked out.

This deck has a smidgen of an idea. Expect revisions.

26 Sep 2017 swan

I really like cerebral overwriter for six 3-pointer builds for Harmony