Ouch! 3.1 [Startup]

Slapdash 226

The idea, here, is to hand out a lot of net damage. Stick your Project Yagi-Uda into a server with your La Costa Grid so that you can load it up and use it to play mind games with your opponent. The Cerebral Overwriter is there for some surprise, out-of-faction spice and to act in tension with the Clearinghouse.

One big key is: Be patient. Install agendas into bare servers and ignore them for a few turns. Advance several things on a turn, rather than one card. If you can make your opponent think that a Ronin or a Clearinghouse is actually a failed Urtica, all the better because you can sit on it until you can go for the kill. Similarly if you can have fully advanced Sting!s hanging about ready to pile on.

You're looking for two of your kill tools to line up. Those are Ronin, Clearinghouse and Sting!. If you're lucky, you can get a set-up from a lucky Snare! or an Urtica, but most players will play around those by drawing up a bunch, so they more end up being things to slow the runner down and play carefully, rather than reliable win conditions. Cerebral is nice to IAA because if they think it's an Urtica or a Clearinghouse they should absolutely run it immediately and two brains make your other win conditions better. If they don't go for it, hang out and maybe advance it later or plop a La Costa on it to see if they panic thinking it's a Clearinghouse.

If you win, be as gracious as humanly possible. Hopefully graciousness is par for the course win or lose, but it's especially important for decks like this because it can feel pretty bad to lose to.

21 Jul 2021 scd

Graciousness is for losers. One should grin widely if you win with this, because awkward smiling is what Jinteki is all about. This looks like a fun deck, thanks for sharing.