1st in OKORINA 3 Patron (45/15 +1)

Sokka 1322

I love me some good Prepaid Shaper, especially with Datasucker Parasite. This deck went 4-0 on the day. It’s basically an exact copy of the deck I’m playing in standard which has Lat as the ID except it has Salsette Slums over Clot. Patron provides a lot more draw than Lat does, which lets you find things a lot faster and draw through any bad hands without losing too much on tempo.

I know........I could have played Prepaid Kate out of The Artist, but I think the card draw out of Patron is better and that makes me sad. Maybe I’ll play The Artist next weekend tho 🤔

I absolutely love the Prepaid Shaper life and would be more than happy to chat or answer any questions about it 😄

Huge thanks to Sanjay for the great format and organizing a successful tournament, and to Vesper for streaming it!

Link to my Cyberdex Sandbox deck