Slightly Purple Outfit -- 3rd, 5th place Accelerated Meta Te

ThatsNoMun 303

Doesn't reinvent the wheel, but we hemmed and hawed over a couple slots.

  • 2x BOOM!: We originally were planning on keeping 1x Retribution 1x BOOM! to hedge against Zahya, which we were all playing. We decided it didn't help enough (especially once we added a second Amina to our Zahya), and decided consistency makes decks better. Go figure.
  • 2x Gatekeeper: While we were preparing, we were under the belief that AMT would not have a cut, and therefore have closed decklists. As such, actually playing Snare! seemed like a waste when we could just pretend we were playing snare. We replaced the 4inf with some notable Good Cards. Gatekeeper carried some serious weight for both of us.

When you're playing this, do pretty much whatever is necessary to get an Atlas counter. Once you have that, victory is almost assured.

I have mixed feelings about this deck. When the draw is good, it curves out so fast. Good luck getting my single advanced Atlas behind a Bulwark/Gatekeeper remote on turn 4! But when the draw is bad, it has a hard time recovering. The games I lost, both in testing and on the day, occurred when I couldn't jam early enough, and the runner had time to empty their Liberateds. You really need them to be afraid to win.

If I were to rebuild it, I would consider cutting 1x BOOM! for a second Audacity, or perhaps both Gatekeepers for 1x Biotic. When the draw is bad, runners will tear your remote to shreds, and you need to FA almost all your agendas to win.

Thanks so much to fellow Muntal Bosts! This was our first time really prepping for a tournament, and I think our results show that. Congrats to Wentagon and BinkBonkle for playing well, and many thanks to Radiant and the others (whose names I didn't get permission to share :P). They didn't enter but grinded games with us anyways! Much love.

Muntal Bost

26 Mar 2023 BinkBonkle

Thanks to the team for tuning! I didn't expect to be able to play until last night so I just rolled in and picked these both up :)

Gatekeeper felt quite good for me on the day. I'm a fan of 2 BOOM but swapping into 2 Audacity is totally reasonable and helps quite a bit in those games where your Reg Caps get away from you.

26 Mar 2023 maninthemoon

Great Showing!!

26 Mar 2023 SMITTYL

Gatekeeper I’m outfit, now that’s a spicy meatball. Well done!

26 Mar 2023 Longi

How do you evaluate Mausolus performance when tagme Zahya was so frequent?

26 Mar 2023 ThatsNoMun

@Longihaving played Zahya against Outfit a lot recenty: Zahya has trouble escaping the Boom zone. You need to start your turn with 6 cards, a tag, and obelus installed; then gain a tag and net draw a card before your turn ends. Almost all your tag-generation cost at least one card from the grip, so this can be difficult to pull off. Jailbreak + Hot Pursuit/Rogue or TCA are the cleanest ways to do it. She pretty much always manages it, but it can really slow her down as she looks for the right combination of pieces.

While on first glance it seems like Mausolus would help her in this endeavor, it's more often a hindrance. The free tag is offset by the net damage, which can also snipe key pieces. Not to mention 4c to rez (usually 3) is dirt cheap for The Outfit. Yes, late game it can be a liability, as Zahya can power up with it, but you lose the late game against her sort of regardless of what you do. Its amazing in every other matchup, so I say keep it around!

17 May 2023 meitrix87

@ThatsNoMun Not to mention on desperation adving Mausolus: 3 NET for a tag that also ETRs? Bonkers!

17 May 2023 meitrix87

@ThatsNoMun Perhaps Trick of Light could be good for less infl than Biotic Labor and also comboing with boosted Mausolus ?

17 May 2023 ThatsNoMun

@meitrix87 re Trick of Light, you could go the true FA path, but as built currently you almost always need 1 Atlas counter or flatline to win. I'd want to make more drastic changes to move in that direction. Let me know if you build an Outfit like that!

Also fwiw I've never advanced Mausolus in Outfit in a serious game, but there are edge cases where it's useful. More common than actually powering up the subs is to drop down to 9c so you can play Too Big to Fail, making it a double for 9c and 1BP, which is still crazy value for Outfit.