We Need to Go Deeper (2nd Place BCom 2022)

mrteatime66 106

This deck was the brain child of @cablecarnage with some edits by myself. Huge thanks to @lukenukem for all the testing and @lostgeek for the last minute suggestions.

I've been know to dabble

The deck uses all the Good Reg Crim stuff to apply pressure to the Corp from turn 1 while using Steve for value on every HQ run and aiming to close the game out with Deep Dive. Swift gives us back a click if we can play a Run event for one of our central runs, granting us two accesses on the DD if we can find enough suitable targets.

If the game runs long enough, it's not too hard to Jailbreak HQ to make sure they don't have any Agendas hiding there and get a Bravado from our bin in the process; use that Bravado on R&D to make some money, check archives (and maybe get a turtle counter) and then Deep Dive with an extra click available in case we find more than one target. That's the plan anyway. In actuality, most of the games I played went too fast for that to pan out, but the rest of the deck has enough tempo to keep pace regardless.

Deep Dive is a great way to close out games when the corp is trying to FA out or keeps dragging you through their remote, and the number of great [3|4]/2s and 5/3s available at the moment make it very strong right now (IMO).


  • Leg Work needs to be another Jailbreak - saving two creds and getting a draw is worth more than the extra access when we need to find a way to pay 7 for Amina.
  • We need 2 more Career Fairs in here - the tempo hit from paying full price for a Class Act or an Earthrise is just too much. 1 x Mutual and 1 x Miss Bones are the obvious targets to cut, but I would need to do more testing to know for sure.

BCom was wonderful and I'm so sad that it's over

A huge thank you to the organisers - primarily @princessspacekitten but also @percomis, Mark and @vesper. It was a wonderful way to get back into Netrunner IRL and I am so sad that it had to end. It was wonderful seeing all the old faces and also making plenty of new friends along the way.

I can't wait to come to Barcelona and see all you lovely people again next year :)

7 Apr 2022 mrteatime66

@lukenuken @princessspacekitten @cablecarnage @lostgeek @vesper @percomis

7 Apr 2022 Swiftie

Love that Swift is seeing more play. I'm still a big fan of Legwork every time I play it though.

7 Apr 2022 TugtetguT
7 Apr 2022 114141

I love the deck. Still all the early pressure, but when you can't keep them down anymore (bye bye 419) you Deep Dive for the win. I'll definietly will bring this to our next meet-up. I'm a bit sad we missed each other during the whole event, but seeing you're performance, it was probably for the best xD

7 Apr 2022 Cluster Fox

Congrats, Craig!

7 Apr 2022 lostgeek

10/10. Would lend Career Fair again.

7 Apr 2022 mrteatime66

@114141 we can make it happen next time, when I'm not as well prepared! :D

@Cluster Fox thank you <3

@lostgeek :joy:

8 Apr 2022 pspacekitten

It was such a blast seeing you play <3

can't wait to see you again!