Cache Refresh Spark

Sanjay 3547

Brewed this with @conphas for the excellent Cache Refresh tournament that @FightingWalloon put on.

The main strategy of the deck is to grind down the runner's credits while keeping your own credits high enough to rez any ice you might need rezzing. Tollbooth and Data Ward are gigantic ICE that will often give you a scoring window.

Hunter Seeker helps you deal with problem cards or snag a breaker to give you a scoring window too.

The deck did kinda so so. It went something like 2-3 or 3-2. I don't remember exactly. It felt like every game was within my power to win, so in that sense, the deck did well.

The Net Quarantines were bad and I would have really preferred Paper Trail or even Show of Force or Private Security Force, but I kept forgetting to remove them.

P.S. 2-3 and 3-2 only add up to five and there were six rounds of Cache Refresh. In one of the rounds I was paired against @conphas and I tried to ruse him with a Chief Slee list. It went poorly.

10 Jul 2017 Yukon

Final list ended up on 3x Show of Force. Net Quarantine and Paper Trail were never as relevant as hitting runner for 2 cards. Never got the kill, but I think it threatened the kill? With all the tagging ice runners thought we were out for BOOM!

I think the deck has promise. If runner is on Tem├╝jin Contract you can burn out their econ. If they are on Magnum Opus life gets a bit hard and you have to drag them through taxing remote.

Not suprisingly, Hunting Grounds is a hero against this deck, invalidating the tagging strategy regularly.

Mammon seems to be all over Cache Refresh, so I considered going to 3x IP Block

24 Jul 2017 Feed

Do you think it might be worth slotting in an All-Seeing I or MCA Informant?