Jinja Azmari

nicohasa 80

Pretty straightforward Jinja Azmari deck. Navi did some work vs D4 and Clone chip. Surveyor is expensive when you have 4+ ice in the server.

Went 3-2 in Nordics, one loss was definitely due to piloting errors, 2nd loss due to turn 2 indexing into 3 agendas, so don't know how that would've played out. That is a risk you run when you run only 3-pointers.

3 Sep 2018 Cpt_nice

My deck for regionals is almost identical. I also only dropped one game due to a blind mad dash on R&D. I had Miraju in front of it but my opponent got lucky. It happens. Still, even with Mad Dash now on the mwl, I agree you still lose to Indexing with this deck. I would cut the AM for Miraju.