Stabby Gabe

Frost 506

Brought this deck to a 5-0 at a GNK. Yay! A pretty standard reg crim deck. The spice is in 3 Knifed and the 1 Laamb.

Why Gabe over 419? His ID ability forces more ice onto HQ, and delays the corp further. If they try to be cheap and have only one ice, knife 'em and make them very sad.

Planned Assault is good for finding your four different run events, whichever you need at the moment.

Laamb is good for Aumakua-only breaker suites as a way to pry open servers alongside Knifed.

Hostage, like Planned Assault, finds whichever one of Kati Jones or John Masanori you need — the preferred game state for each of them is pretty different: When you're locked out and need to money up to Knifed open a server with Laamb, you want Kati. When there are open servers and the corp's not able to protect them all, John Masanori's your man.

25 Nov 2018 branimated

This looks like a blast!

27 Nov 2018 hafgrim

This deck makes me so hyped for system core <3

30 Nov 2018 Tamijo

I feel like you should definitely be playing a Paragon or something. It pays for itself real quick, and the scry is incredibly valuable, especially when you have cards like Laamb that you just have to find, or Knifed which could be completely redundant at specific times.

8 Jan 2019 Frost

I don't think Paragon fits a deck quite this aggressive and here's why.

Game states with the deck are very binary: Can I make useful accesses right now? If yes, I am winning. If not, I am losing.

  • When I am winning, I want to push the advantage. I want to have a Bankroll installed to earn money, I want to have an Aumakua installed to force the corp to waste tempo purging. In this situation, Paragon earns... one credit each turn, and the scry is mostly irrelevant as almost every card is useful at this point. I would say I'd only be happy installing a Paragon and paying 3 credits after about 6 triggers (+3 credits, and maybe about 1.5 scries to the bottom). In other words, I think Paragon slows you down when you're winning and doesn't help slam the door shut.
  • When I am losing, I want to pry open a server so I can get useful accesses again. In other words, I want to find Laamb or Special Order, find non-run-based money in order to use Laamb, and then find Knifed. Paragon's scry certainly helps here, but if you're losing and unable to make accesses, how are you triggering Paragon? Unlike other breaker suites with a few normal breakers, there is no middle ground here.

My conclusion is that this deck is even more aggressive than other reg crim decks due to its breaker suite, and that the tempo hit from installing Paragon takes too long to pay out and speeds up how quickly the corp can shut you out.