521/419 - #SlotsMate

TugtetguT 2006

This is the runner deck I played at the Singapore SC this saturday, which took place the morning before the BLM tourney that I sadly couldn't participate in hence the meme. It went 3-0 on the day.

The deck doesn't have #Daily Casts because #SlotsMate. Incidentally I'm also out of #SlotsMate on nrdb. 521/522 left, hence the great deck naming, which is something I'm generally good at.

It does slot 3 copies of Dirty Laundry because Aumakua, Mining Accident, Paragon and Tapwrm trigger when you run and we play those in multiples.

alt text

by @LabbES

1 Jul 2020 paulyg

Second panel looks just like me ;-) Congrats on the win!

2 Jul 2020 ValkyriezGaming

This deck crushed my Sportsmetal: Go Big or Go Home will to live.

2 Jul 2020 TugtetguT

Thanks! Haha yeah I'm gald you told me about it Paul ;-)