Lockdown ACME (2nd @ Lockdown #14)

Odol 917

This is the monster that went undefeated at the Lockdown #14 tournament.

The list itself is just my regular ACME deck (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/65067/into-the-void) adjusted for the format - the lack of tempo from Rashidas had to be compensated with Sprints, and that in turn forced me to cut one of the Voids. Needless to say, Paperclip being banned for the event made the Wards even more insane than they usually are, and the Grids prevented the runners from using most of the support that would compensate for using suboptimal breakers.

Glacier is still alive, my friends, and it is yellow!

30 Apr 2021 rapanui

@OdolI used this as a template to make a Neurospike/Reeducation combo deck for Standard. It's not Tier 1, but it gets wins. (-3 SaM, +Reeducation, -2 Navi, +2 SanSan -2 Anoetic Void, +2 Neurospike, and some econ changes)