Big Punitive GameNET [2nd at NYC Startup CO]

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Midnight Sun opened up new win conditions for the corp, so I put as many as I could into a single deck. These include:

  • Just score 3 agendas out of the remote
  • Make money, then Punitive Counterstrike after the runner steals a 5/3
  • Score 2 5/3s, then use Drago + Backroom Machinations to get the 7th point
  • Get to 4-6 points, then play Big Deal
  • Some combination of the above (5/3, Backroom, then force a steal to Punitive the runner)

GameNET funds the 17 cost operations via stealing credits via the ID, and plenty of money operations/assets. The deck's only loss on the day was to a Boomerang + Bravado turn one to shut down Daily Quest, which was too much of a tempo swing to recover from.

Record on the day (18 player Circuit Opener):

  • Win vs Sable (Big Deal)

  • Win vs Tao (Punitive after a Deep Dive Bellona steal)

  • Win vs Ayla (Punitive after a 5/3 steal)

  • Win vs Sable (timed win while on 50+ credits with 2 Punitive in hand)

  • Win vs Padma (Big Deal)

  • Loss to Sable (get taken to Tempotown, Deep Dive for 6 points)

Congrats to @skry for winning the event, and to @kysra for running it!

25 Jul 2022 Oddball

I love this idea, seems like a great fork to put them in. How was Government Subsidy? Did they ever feel like dead cards to you?

I only ask, because I wonder if an Archived Memories might be decent in the slot to help with Punitive Counterstrike kills, or getting back a trashed Big Deal?

25 Jul 2022 internet

I thought about running Archived Memories, but opted for more money instead. It definitely would have made closing out much easier - I had a few games where e.g. both Dragos were trashed, or Big Deal was gone, and I had to wait for Spin Doctor + draw to get them back.

I would consider -1 Bran 1.0 +1 Archived Memories, if only because I really hate cutting money from a Punitive deck (even though it's probably unnecessary - Government Subsidy wasn't that helpful).

25 Jul 2022 Oddball

Would Hansei Review be a good replacement? Since the cost is reasonable?