[Seattle Startup Bash 2nd] All the Ways Gamenet

Runaway 174

Based on @internet's Big Punitive GameNet, single-sided Swiss meant this deck played 4 rounds, 3 of which were punitive kills. I replaced 1 punitive with an archived memories and changed the ice suite around. The archived doesn't tip your hand if they see it in centrals although in retrospect it probably hurt my chances of getting an early kill in the round 1 loss.

For ice, I really wanted Afshar for the tax so I cut the Bran and put in more tag ice to try to click tax all the Sable in the meta (or turn on the Backrooms).

ezlZN51.png disgusting*

Round summaries:

  • Loss Round 1 to @CryptoGraham's Sable. This game started badly with him up 2-1 after he pulled Headline and I played Backroom. I was never able to get ahead and wasted all my credits on Big Deal to get to 4-5. At time, I was 1 click short of being able to tie with the second Backroom.

  • Win Round 3 vs Roman's Sable. He stole an early 3 pointer and I was able to kill with a single punitive.

  • Win Round 6 vs @Firebird's Sable. He went a bit low on credits hard-installing Red Team and never got back up. I Backroomed to 6 and the GameNet triggers got me enough cash to double Punitive when he also got to 6. This was credit perfect, too; I would have been 1c short if he had 1c more.

  • Win Round 7 vs @man in the moon's Esâ. This game came to time but after he had been down 6-3 for a while, on the penultimate turn he eventually milled a Send a Message with imp and even with Running Hot couldn't figure out how to both get it and money up (cards in hand was not an option due to 3 core damage).

This event was a lot of fun, thank you again to @man in the moon for running it and both him and @sedatedfork for designing the custom alt art prize support.

*I was part of the problem and also brought Sable.

8 Aug 2022 maninthemoon

Congrats @Runaway! Really well played! Time played a role, but you definitely killed my fair and square :P