SSO Government Austerity (45th at US Nationals)

saracenus 1061

My US Nationals Corp deck that carried me to 45th place. This is not about awesome, it is about assessing the damage and making the deck and my piloting of it better.

Give Them The Ax

I learned how to play and rebuild this deck during my 6 rounds of Swiss at US Nationals. I needed to double down on economic ruin for my opponents and make the early kill threat more viable.

This deck will kill an aggressive runner in as little as 3 rounds. You are weak as kitten in the first round or two of the game. But this kitten has really sharp claws.

You want to have two cards in hand at start. Either Hard-Hitting News or High-Profile Target plus Consulting Visit.

If the runner goes HAM on turn one or even just installs a couple of cards and makes a single run they will likely die.

Your play is 2 s to do anything and then HHN from hand or 1 to whatever and then Consult for HHN.

Runner reacts and if they are poor and not at full cards, welp you kill them because they usually cannot get enough cards in hand to stop the kill if they clear tags and unless their hand size is 8 they cannot draw and hold enough cards to prevent their death.

Changes to this deck:
-1 Ark Lockdown
+1 Hard-Hitting News
-1 Cyberdex Virus Suite
+1 High-Profile Target

I would also dump the 2x SSL Endorsement and put in 2x Hollywood Renovation. I would have to test the deck to see if it still needs 3 Fast Tracks or if you could go down to 2.

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