[STARTUP] Reg Zahya

KrysNB 113

This is a really boring list. It's ruthlessly efficient, it has the best breakers, huge drip economy in the form of Rezeki, Zahya and Pennyshaver and really good burst with Bravado and Dirty Laundry. It builds its rig extremely fast between Class Act and Diesel's draw and Mutual Favor's tutoring. If you have a good start you may have your complete rig by turn 3. Boomerang and Inside Job make servers with 2 or less ice very easily beatable. Basically, your job is to be faster than the corp and contest every server you can.

Your ideal starting hand is econ, econ, penny/breaker/resource/, class act/earthrise/diesel and whatever. It's really easy to get.

Skunkvoid is really annoying once it gets set up, you must eliminate all upgrades with extreme prejudice. Glaciers like GameNET and BtL can be a pain to deal with, but facechecking is really powerful against them in the early game. Be careful with tags, if the corp packs a Retribution you may see yourself locked out permanently.

I chose Conduit over The Maker's Eye in this build because it puts more pressure on the corp. With Eye you make your 3 accesses and that's it, but Conduit can make the corp commit ice to R&D and then not have enough to protect the scoring remote or even fish a purge and timewalk you to victory.