RP aka Yellowtree (with Sprint)

nimzowitsch 59

This is the same as RP aka Yellowtree with the following changes:

- Snare!
- Prisec
- Turnpike
+ Sprint
+ Sprint
+ Hydra

The Sprints worked great, saving the Doctors for actual recursion of key pieces. Unfortunately they also make the matches even grindier.

Hydra is great against runners who go tag-me. Almost all the other ICEs lose their teeth if the runner does not care about tags, but you still need to draw into Exchange of Information and/or Psychographics to win.

28 Oct 2021 rotage

Oh nice, interesting changes. I thought initially you took our all the snares but I'm glad to see you kept some in there :)

29 Oct 2021 nimzowitsch

The Snare!s are actually the inclusion I like the most! :-) Surprising damage is good - but surprising tags in a deck with solid single tag punishment is amazing.

Thinking about it it's actually surprising it tags in the first place, being a Jinteki card. I just did a search here on NRDB: There are only two Jinteki cards that (potentially) give tags: Snare! and Cerebral Cast. Leaving Snare! the only currently legal Jinteki card in standard that tags!

31 Oct 2021 rotage

Yeah in effect paying 2 credits to land the 3 damage and a tag is a great return, and as you say a nice surprise

I hadn't really considered that element, I guess maybe something to do with the theme of the runner being caught and hence tagged, but other damage/trap cards dont do this