Fairchild PD (4-2 @ Worlds 2021)

KrysNB 113

I decided to play PD as it's by far the easiest corp and I wanted to have game in the later rounds.

I modified a few slots from the standard PD list, removing a Border and a Crisium to slot the second Void (I didn't fear apoc, and with good reason: I didn't see a single one all day).

I also decided to slot two Fairchild 2.0 because it's a really good taxing and annoying ice.

I've had an opponent go to 4 brain damage because they believed it was the last turn they had (it was not) and another spend a click and an entire turn (hippo+boomerang+click fairchild) to trash it. Very good boy.

Huge thanks to guiot and koga who helped me test and slot this.

23 Nov 2021 5N00P1

Playing against it and using Hippo & Boomerang (so maybe I was the player? But without Black Orchestra breaking it is a pain so Hippo felt like a good choice to keep R&D free.
I have to say this game made me value FC2 much higher (again), so I'll test it a bit maybe even in my Asa list, but maybe slots are to tight.