Lol Currents Azmari (4th, US Nats)

grogboxer 428

I got this deck from @bluebird503, who I think got it from @thebigboy. Two changes.

-1 Ash, +1 Bio-Vault. -1 Preemptive, +1 Navi Grid

Bio-Vault is very, very good.

Currents are for nerds.

Er, maybe I should say more? Have I told you the good news about Bio Vault? Extremely good card. I'd never played this decklist until Round 1 (I was mostly on Jeeves/8-agenda Azmari for awhile-- though to be fair I'd played previous 6-agenda version a bunch, this isn't that much different). The key is mostly getting the 6 or 4 and then either IAA or Install-take 2 and bait through.

News hound is really good. But also 6 slots are good. In hindsight, I'd cut something (maaaybe an NGO) for Targeted Marketing/Scarcity/any Current. But just one. Not playing Newshound is really nice when you don't have to click to play a Current and can just score.

Navi was really good, stuffed Maxwell twice on the day. It also messes with Datasucker but I forgot that part :P Bio-Vault stopped so many runs (Knifed, Diversion, Mad Dash, Stimhack). I almost want 2.

Night before three of Seattle test crew audibled for 3 slightly different Azmaris instead of the cool Seattle Mti deck :( :( That list is here:

25 Jun 2018 grogboxer

Some other notes

1) Seidr did nothing

2) Wraparound did mostly nothing

3) EULA lol 6c whatever

4) Navi extremely good

25 Jun 2018 Ghost Meat

Congrats on an amazing showing, Raj!