Salleas (1-2 Liverpool Circuit Opener)

Utati 39

This was my first standard tournament and I had a great time. However standard can be a bit scarier than startup. And this deck is very fragile, with only one of each breaker type and Buffer Drive as the only recursion. However, In the game I won the only program I installed was Tapwrm, due drawing a couple of boomerangs early.

This originally started as a deck with Maw as the centerpiece, which, in combination with Aeneas and Sallsette would let you trash a card while letting you get the Maw trigger. But I ended up going with pennyshaver due to the high install/influence cost of running maw. In the tournament I ended up playing Gagarin twice, one of which I won. Aeneas kind of flips Gagarin over and makes window shopping unrezzed cards neutral or positive, but trashing more expensive, before salleas is installed.

Overall I would not recommend this deck, maybe try Sallsette, Aeneas and Maw in an anarch deck. But I would highly recommend going to a local tournament!