1st UNDEFEATED: “Highly don’t recommend lol” - FireRL

Santa 665


me asking Bost if I should play Lat for the first time ever in the CO

This is fellow Bost member @wentagon’s updated version of @CobraBubbles‘ list:
- RIDE or DI(v)E 🛵 - 4th, 16th @ UK Nats 2023


  • Solid deck!
  • Love the Dive!
  • Play Lat!
  • Don’t listen to Colin 😝

PS: maybe change the DZMZ back to Pantograph, and a Mayfly would be cool if you can fit it in!

19 Nov 2023 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

Brb. Eating crow.

19 Nov 2023 maninthemoon

Well played, fun list @wentagon.