Nexus Activation Command: 3-0 ECG Post-Worlds Shindig

ThatsNoMun 97

I was tired of playing Hoshiko, and Radiant managed to convince me to play his one true love. This is very similar to his world's list which he didn't bother to publish, so I figured I would; I want to see more crim on jnet again!

The cool thing about Nexus in the current meta is that it eats NEXT Activation Command (and most other Boat tech cards) for breakfast, so you can almost always grind them out until they're drowning in agendas. Protip: simply avoid getting paired against FA sports.

Game 1 vs Solomir on Bridgeman Ob: he was flooded from the start and still managed to HHN me 3 times in the early game. It was a tightrope game of clearing board, clearing tags, and keeping him below 6 credits (so he couldn't trash Citadel and BOOM me). After escaping that terrifying beginning, I ran Archives to Kiting out Nexus and happened across 4 points. It was great to meet you Solomir, and may you not bottom deck all 3 Spin Doctors in future games.

Game 2 vs Saan on Bblum Ob: we had played this matchup at our ECG meetup 2 days prior, and I was a bit worried about it. 419 excels at disrupting it through the early and mid game, but if Corp can sneak a couple points through, it can quickly threaten FA to win. This is exactly what happened in the shindig, but I was able to find The Twinning just in time to close out off R&D. Thanks for the games Saan, that matchup is a blast.

Game 3 vs Scrub! on Marsmetal: an early Bones cleared out the remote, and soon enough all three Arellas were in Archives. From that point, Nexus pressure kept the Corp to scoring 2/1s. 419 has a lot of additional pressure in this specific matchup since there isn't influence for Mavirus in the traditional Marsmetal list. Archives is open season for turtle. It was great to meet you Scrub! Come to Thursday meetups and hang!

I've enjoyed learning how to play Nexus 419. It has less of the "all of my cards are amazing all of the time" feeling that crim lists generally give me. I had to play carefully and with a lot of forethought—in other words, what I should always do all the time, but usually struggle to do. Thanks Radiant for TOing a wonderful event, and thanks Portlanders and Vancouverites who showed up to make for one of Seattle's biggest tournaments in recent memory.

7 Nov 2022 Radiant

You even kept the original name :') Thanks for the shoutouts and congrats on the performance!

7 Nov 2022 mr_pelle

I've been playing a similar list recently and I've enjoyed it very much, congrats on the 3-0!

7 Nov 2022 SMITTYL

Congrats @ThatsNoMun! Good job getting top 8 with 2 top 8 worlds finishers on hand! I almost played this same list but chickened out and played Freedom, which did terrible. Should have stayed true to the 419 squad

7 Nov 2022 Scrub!

This was a very cool deck to go up against. I want to run it back because I don't think I've played a more clumsy game of corp in the last month. By turn 4 I realized "oh I'm just being dismantled here, and THEN came down the Security Nexus. Real fun deck, can't wait to see 419 back on the banlist!!!

7 Nov 2022 ThatsNoMun

@mr_pelle interesting differences in the lists. I see why you cut Amina since you're only on 2x Credit Kiting. I personally like Credit Kiting a lot, even for installing resources. So 3x felt appropriate. Thus Amina got to stay in.

@SMITTYL thanks, you missed out on a good credit denying time :D

@Scrub! meet us at Chuck's and I'll happily run it back!