World's Bottom Tables Azmari

ManBunBatty 52

I did pretty poorly at Worlds in general (5-9), but I wanted to publish and give myself a sense to closure to the event.

Azmari was one of the few Corp decks that I clicked with upon returning to the game. I like the idea of just 6 agendas, and in general the deck tends to play itself. My issue is that is can be a little slow, which I knew would be an issue during Worlds, so I had to get better at making quicker judgment calls about what to do each turn. I had also been thinking about CtM (but I am so bad at CtM...), Titan (but I was not as practiced as I would have liked), and Mti (but I always felt a little too poor to be effective).

My tech choices here were Ark (I was expecting a bit of MaxX, and there was), and 2x Bio Vault (vs Ash, which is also good, but Bio is great for IAA play this deck relies on).

Azmari went 4-3 during worlds. Losses were generally due to not being to find agendas when I had enough of a lock to rush out (irony!), as well as one really bad player mistake on my part. Lost to MaxX, beat a Chaos Theory, lost to Hayley and then 419 (this was the very bad play before lunch/tilt), then won the next three against MaxX, Freedom, and 419.

Thanks to all opponents - Brandon, Brian, Nick, John, James, Chris, and Don. Had a good time playing, hope you did as well.