Our Hedge Funds are Unsinkable!** 3.0

CodeMarvelous 20015

Here is the MKIII Version of my Titan TOL deck.

This deck has been serving me quite well and is a blast to play.

This space ice deck has a few STARS I want to point out.

Crisium Grid - Its good for the keyhole eater that ails you

Reclamation order - Gets back TOL or other important cards that were pitched or trashed by Wanton Destruction

Archer - a new addition to give the deck more surprise teeth. I find that if an ice is not advanced, people assume its a low strength binary like enigma or wall of static and then get slammed by the power of archer.

Hostile Takeover - Has replaced Firmware despite firmwares great utility due to the fact that I dont have to cheat it out with TOL.

Fire Wall- I love this card in the mid to late game as a tax but not enough to want it early

Shipment from Kayuga - this is the bread and butter of this deck. its synergy with basically everything is very high.

Piloting instructions:

get ice down and start advancing. keep your money down so you are not a good siphon target. if the runner is not attacking I get all my Asteroid, nebula and wormholes to the point they are free.

save TOL for atlas, if you draw something else try to advance behind ice if you can.

score one hostile early for an archer rez but no more unless it wins you the game.

if you have to build a remote its gonna need an archer. Pop ups must go on centrals and become a great source of consistent economy as the space ice makes each run cost them dearly while making you money.

Crisium for RD.

Still sculpting so feel free to give me feeback.

Happy Running,



3 Feb 2015 raouldukelives

I wonder how well Matrix Analyzer would work here. Could fit two by cutting one JHow and all three pop-up windows.

3 Feb 2015 4dd150n

Having just lost terribly to this, I can say pressuring centrals is pretty ineffective when there are no remotes. Very cool deck.

3 Feb 2015 Tuko

I am playing a version of this deck. A card that I love with all the MaxX and other recursion going on is Chronos protocol. You should really look at adding it

3 Feb 2015 Tuko

Chronos Project even. Not Protocol

4 Feb 2015 jeibel

Yeah i got crushed by this build playing my old fashioned gabe. Nowhere to run means nowhere to make money from, every run allows rezzing more ice and doing so increase the cost of future runs. Truly a downward spiral. Any ideas on how to play against it ? keeping it poor doesn't seem to work, pressure on centrals fizzle eventually. Dumbfounded

4 Feb 2015 Pyjam

@jeibel : Gabe and Andy are good matchups. Switch to Leela. She's the nemesis of this kind of decks.

4 Feb 2015 Fl3xbyts

How do you feel about Pop-up Window? I was curious about whether 1-2 copies of it could be traded for Errand Boy? It's in faction and gains you 3 creds or cards, whatever you need. Or maybe Caduceus?

4 Feb 2015 Dydra

So damn funny ... this deck doubtfully has better econ than the one I suggested, yet people don't come to cry how this WON'T WORK, because you won't have enough money .... must be the fact that you run 3x Hedge Fund /yawns /sigh

On another note, how do you score exactly High-Risk investment?

4 Feb 2015 caprizant

Any thoughts about Space Camp?

4 Feb 2015 CodeMarvelous

@caprizant Space camp could be good but I do not really have slots

@Dydra I don't really have money issues and I never score high risk investment

Changes - cut all the pop ups and a jackson howard in order to put in 2 matrix analyzers another fire wall and another mark yale

5 Feb 2015 Snake Eyes

I got directed to this deck by someone on OCTGN - I made a very similar deck without realizing it. Several tweaks after several depressingly losses, I finally got one that is now starting to work (It is also in a larval stage. I don't feel like publishing it until I have a better foundation on how to play it.)

A few questions/comments about some of the differences I noticed!

How are you finding Commercialization? I almost had that in my build, but then I figured that there's rarely times where I'm sitting on tonnes of tokens.. There isn't really any benefit to overadvance space Ice.. Most of them max out their discount at 3.. - although hitting your Ice Walls and Fire Walls is always sweet.

I'm just using Beanstalk Royalties instead.. This deck is totally comfortable with playing poor. Money can come out of no where with it, and it takes almost no credits to score. Just having those 3 credits can really help you bounce back from a siphon or a bankrupting rez though imo!

How are you finding Reclamation Order? Is it often where you find you have multiple Trick of Lights in archives? I found the space to put two Archived Memories in instead, and have been finding it quite rewarding. To get the influence space, I'm not running Pop-up Windows..

How's your early game ICE power curve working out? Do you find that you have something you can work with to defend yourself early on?

WRT High-Risk Investment, I've been able to score them a few times now.. Easiest way imo has been Install Advancing it so it doesn't look so menacing.. Then ToL scoring it for 4 advancements in 3 clicks.

I haven't been running Shipment from Kaguya either - but you are right that it synergizes with just about everything in this deck. I'll have to try to find room for some of them. It'll be fun to give those cards some life that they haven't seen since like.. the core set days.

5 Feb 2015 Snake Eyes

I almost put Matrix Analyzer in too, haha.

I think it might be a rough idea to cut a Jackson Howard in these days though. imo Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire is going to see an above average amount of play in the upcoming tournament season. I was an advocate for switching down to 2x Jackson Howard and 2x Daily Business Show before.. but now I'm on 3x Jackson Howard and 1x Daily Business Show for my staple. (until it feels safe again!)

5 Feb 2015 Snake Eyes

Oh the hell with it, I'm publishing to get better involved with the conversation. (@Pyjam convinced me to)


7 Feb 2015 Horse85

Seems like a really cool deck, but I'm gonna try it with 2 Errand Boys and a SanSan instead of the Pop-Ups.

8 Feb 2015 punkzip

I'm a bit puzzled as to how High Risk investment is supposed to work in this deck as CodeMarvelous says he never scores it? It seems hard to score it in an iced remote server which will be relatively weak, and the 3 points increases the risk of it being stolen.

9 Feb 2015 locusshifter

@CodeMarvelous Have you had any plays against Valencia ? I'd be curious to hear how that went. Certain archetypes get crushed by her and others fair pretty well.

9 Sep 2016 The Broken Meeple

I'm due to do a casual tournament where we can only use 3 x Core and 1 Deluxe to cater for both Runner and Corp - SeaScorch would be the first point of call but that's just boring. I considered Titan with the Space ICE as most of it featured in O & C and the best counters to it are in data packs so they should hold servers down really well. But how do you reckon your deck would perform with the loss of Trick of Light, Pop Up Window and Project Atlas?