AOTomic (2nd, Richmond SC)

josephlaizure 30

I took Architects of Tomorrow to my first Store Champs a year ago and had a blast despite not winning any games. With Ikawah Project and Najja 1.0, it felt like time to revisit the ID.

I took inspiration from @beyoken's sparring decks and included The Root. My fellow Triangle runners @neuropantser and @jdc_wolfpack offered some good suggestions, including Genotypingand Special Report, both of which helped me get out of some tough situations.

The idea is to put The Root in a remote and build it up to four or five ice, preferably including Seidr Adaptive Barrier and Fairchild. A second, single-iced remote protects Jeeves or your campaigns and provides AOT triggers when the runner comes in to trash your things.

The deck went 3-2 at the SC, far exceeding my expectations.

Round 1: Loss vs. Comrades Val. Hactivist milled 5 points of agendas and then I lost the last Vitruvius I tried to sneak out.

Round 2: Win vs. Adam. Very fun match. My opponent scored 6 points before I even scored once, so they kept the pressure on the entire game. I had 14 ice rezzed by the time I got to 7 points. Ikawah Project successfully defended itself early on, saving me.

Round 3: Win vs. Fear the Masses Eddie Kim. My opponent had a super cool deck and milled me down to the last five cards in R&D. Luckily, one of these was a Vitruvius. I locked down Archives with both Seidrs and scored out.

Round 4: ID'd. Loss vs. Laguna Lock Hayley in friendlies.

Cut Game 1: Win vs. Cyberdelia Smoke. This game came down to a single R&D access, which fortunately went my way. I play a lot of Smoke and know her moves, and so was able to build a remote that was taxing enough, despite my opponent's robust drip economy. My opponent was very good, and this was the most enjoyable game of the tournament.

Cut Game 2: Loss vs. Laguna Lock Hayley. I had already lost to this opponent in friendlies, and this time my situation was even worse because HQ was like 80% agendas for much of the early game. Genotyping and Special Report gave me an opening to build a Fan-Site-proof remote, but my opponent's smart Indexing play closed the game.

Najja is a great little econ card for AOT.

I don't think I ever used Jeeves to never-advance a 4/2 all day.

Ichi is not bad but I think Sherlock 2.0 may be a good replacement for at least one copy, especially on the scoring remote. I also made a mistake in the decklist. The true list has -1xIchi, +1xLoki.

Vikram dealt a surprising amount of brain damage throughout the day.

The Hellion Beta Test could just as easily be a Warroid Tracker.