Calibrating...TUCANA! Undefeated - 2nd at Danish Nats

JackMade 2957

7-0 Undefeated during the whole tournament.

The only change i made to Calibrating...Tucana! from EMEA is to replace the Afshar with a Hortum which turned out to be pretty good. Hortum being 4 strength is annoying for both Buzzsaw and Shibboleth and having an end the run code gate that is taxing is pretty important. Afshar is great on HQ but since Winchester is mostly just better, it think there is no need to have it. And you still have Magnet, if you really need to fetch a code gate with the trash of Border Control.

The deck still works perfectly for me as you can tell by the perfect record.

If you want to know more, just read the writeup of the original decklist: Click here.