1st Place Regional Göttingen "Violet moon"

JackMade 2957

5-0 Undefeated in the tournament. This deck is really really strong right now.

Scoring plan: Score a EC with Jeeves and Biotic, then score a Vitruvius with jeeves and Biotic so that you get a counter. Then you can FA a Food withouth credits and a single Shipment from SanSan.

Ark Lockdown is primarily used for Clot. Rumor Mill is annoying but not back breaking.

Jeeves + Ultraviolet Clearance is the most amazing thing in the world.

Estelle Moon is just a support card in this deck, most of the time i popped her with 2 or 3 counters just to get some options or money.

3 Jul 2017 ff0X

So fast - it left Dyper in the dust :)

4 Jul 2017 5N00P1

and according to the overview it has won the Göttingen Regional twice!

4 Jul 2017 JackMade

@5N00P1how so?

4 Jul 2017 5N00P1

don't know :D on the left is says:
1 of 31
2 of 31
and 1 of 31 all in Göttingen.

4 Jul 2017 JackMade

Oh yeah, a friend of mine played the deck as well and he got second place. :)

4 Jul 2017 JackMade

I guess, i edited the name. Then it didn't appear with the changed name on ABR so he unclaimed and reclaimed again. Perhaps that confused netrunnerdb somehow.

4 Jul 2017 5N00P1

@JackMade: sure, but you are listed twice as the winner (for me)

4 Jul 2017 JackMade

@5N00P1After reading your comment again, i understood what you meant.

4 Jul 2017 JackMade

By the way, it is really annoying that you cannot edit comment on nrdb. There is also a typo in my second reply. :(

5 Jul 2017 qvm

Love UV-level!

5 Jul 2017 MrBuggles

Congrats to both of you on first and second place! What's the gameplan here against shapers with clot (apart from trying to recur CVS)? Are you just fast enough to score out of a remote so they can't save their SMCs for clot?

5 Jul 2017 ff0X

Bait them with an agenda, overinstall it with Jackson Howard or something else and safe it that way. Next turn purge the Clot and if no sac con is present, just use the click Jeeves gave you to play Ark Lockdown on Clot. Otherwise keep purging and removing. Ark Lockdown is nice against Rumor Mill, too. But Clot should be the main target.

6 Jul 2017 JackMade

@MrBuggles This deck generates a lot of clicks. Sometimes you can just score and purge in the same turn, even better if you have a CVS installed to get around SacCon. Sometimes you can double ICE a remote and score over two turns, which is cheaper and shaper often have no incentive to run unadvanced remotes. With Jeeves or SanSan you can score an EC pretty easy that way.

In the later stages of the game you should have Arc Lockdown for the clot or just purge for Jeeves value and do something else.

25 Jul 2017 Ra1dy

What exactly is the advanced assembly lines for? Wouldn't it be better for 2 and 2 lateral growth?

26 Jul 2017 JackMade

@Ra1dy Advanced Assembly Lines is a very important corner stone of the deck. It synergizes with so many cards in the deck that i'd never cut a copy. Mostly it gives additional Moon tokens, is a very good target for Friends in High Places and is overall a better hedge fund in EtF. Lateral Growth can only combo with Jeeves Model Bioroids and you don't need it, because all your agendas really want 4 advancement tokens.

Cut the Enhanced Login Protocol, the Archived Memories or the Ark Lockdown but never ever cut an AAL.