System Update - Weyland - Russian Roulette v2

LeopardDrake 9

My take on Bone.Golem's decklist adding some cards from System Update 2021. First try at deckbuilding. Features more stuff to advance for Weyland bonus credits. Added Archer as a rez target for Send a Message.

4 Jan 2023 Diogene

Considering you are using Archer, you might want to use Standoff, to get some economy and an agenda that you would easily trade off to Archer.

Also, instead of Regolith Mining License, I think NGO Front might give you a better result, to bait runs while give you a lot of credits.

I like deck that use Urtica Cipher to ambush the runner. Goes very well with the theme and name of your deck.

Thanks for sharing!

4 Jan 2023 LeopardDrake

Thanks for the tipps! Ill try them out and see how they feel. NGO definitely sounds like a good replacement for atlas.