Iberian Lockdown 4 GNK 3-1

Cucin 242

Due to special rules of Iberian Lockdown 4 (some of normal used cards were restricted) I couldn´t played Pelangi which i would normally play. Instead of that I have choosed one Tinkering, but i didn´t use it whole 4 games. I think Kit is in very good situaciton for tournaments like this (GNK diversified portfolio). Thanks Longi for posting and discussing main idea of his deck to me. Kit had lot of pressure from start and has potential to steal installed agenda soon, of course due to her ID ability and Engolo Deck is very similar to previous published here https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/58476/straightforward-kity and here https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/59136/gnk-diversified-portfolio-18-3-2020-

I did some changes for example to use all three copise of Self-modyfying Code to be sure to gain Engolo as soon as possible. Proco is for taking card quickly to hand. And this time I choosed Supercorridor because it has 2 memory and Daredevil with combination of Proco is little bit nonsense. Supercorridor can still you gain some good money (it triggers 3 or 4 times per game usual) if corp doesn´t go high enough with money from start.Kit has also good eco in this deck, if you start good with 3 rezzeki you can trash one of them later). Katie Jones can help you for long term eco too. Career Fair helps with installation of expensive resources and Modded help to install programs and hardware with discount obviously. And 2 Stimhack and Sure Gamble for burst eco. Liberated Account is very helpfull too. So you could have enough credits to steal something. With R&D Interface you can obviously threat multiacces R&D. With Engolo you can go almost everywhere to remote severs (but true is I didn´t challenge any vertical deck like (AgInfusion or Architects of Tomorrow) and Turning Wheel can help to multiacces HQ. Last note: Gebrselassie is cool card in this deck. Can help you much. And Hernando Cortez is nice tool to make corp weaker, Some time it wins you the game with surprise, when you install it and run in same turn.

Performance of this Kit was very good. I have ewn three times and suffered only one loss, which was against Lostgeek, who I think played 1st world Pinsel´s deck (spombo ASA) or some version of that. So thanks to all players which was attendace on that tournament and special thanks to Vesper for organization and commentation the tournament. It was pleasure.