Punitive Palana - 4th Gent GNK

Cluster Fox 577

I went for a relatively straightforward Punitive Palana because I expected a lot of Stabby Maxx and figured it would put up a good fight. Disrupt and discourage multiaccess with traps, money up, cheap and annoying ice in Aiki and Mind Game, Kakugo and Anansi to make Obokatas harder to steal, Border Control and Nisei counters to score agendas or tax clicks to prevent drawing/money'ing up after an Obokata steal, and Thimblerig to soak up stabby Knifeds (or whatever). Went 2-2, could have easily been 3-1 but we all get unlucky sometimes. It was a good call and did well as I expected it would.

GAME 1 vs Bram (Null): Stole Obokata, got Counterstriked.
GAME 2 vs Theoneakaneo (Quetzal): Stole Obokata, got Counterstriked.
GAME 3 vs FREDPI (Freedom): Trashed Punitive from my hand with Freedom. Risked stealing Obokata on R&D with 4 cards including an I've Had Worse on his last click, figuring I didn't have another Punitive. Little did he know I had another Punitive in hand, and the Neural EMP, and was 1 credit short of flatlining him. Lucky bastard.
GAME 4 vs SmokElmo (Hayley): I was doing pretty well, but turns out Khusyuk absolutely wrecks my deck, especially with Lucky Charm so I had no way to stop it. If anyone's petitioning to get Khusyuk restricted, let me know where to sign.
8 Apr 2019 FREDPI

I totally played around that punitive by holding that 1 credit lead ;)

Fun games, running 3 copies of PC is just rude.