Ladykiller (26th @ Oct AMT 1-2)

Gathzen 194

This is the original decklist by Odol, I didn't make any changes.

This was my Runner deck.

Round 1 (Win): Played against a Freedom running Yusuf Laamb. It was a pretty close game, I managed to trash many of their resources thanks to Above the Law and Under the Bus.

Round 2 (Loss): Played against what looked like Big Hosh. Had a pretty good start but got a Hostile stolen from a remote because of a misplay on my part not respecting that the Runner could get in. I was not finding any agendas, then the Runner ran R&D and I had double Punitive Counterstrike in hand so I decided to not rez so I could kill them next turn if they stole a 3-pointer as I had a lot more money than them. They stole 6 points thanks to The Twinning. That felt awful.

Round 3 (Bye)

Round 4 (Loss): Played against another Big Hosh. Got insanely flooded, I was drawing 2 agendas a turn. 2 on turn 2, 4 on turn 3 and 6 on turn 4. Didn't have any ICE to defend myself so I got picked apart. The Runner also got very luck with their Maw triggers and hit agendas 3 turns in a row.