Echo CTM (1st Meeples SC)

CJFM 2258

This last weekend, I took down two store championships with Seamus' Val paired with CI Rewiring and CTM. First of all, shoutout to Seamus, for making what I believe is the best runner deck right now. Second, I am not posting my CI deck, since it's just @lpoulter's list, and I didn't feel like it needed any changes. After winning Saturday with CI, I decided to just try out my CTM brew that I've been working on for a few weeks. I think it's the only list I played that is unique enough to warrant a decklist, so here it is!

Some deck and revision history: This "Echoes" list started with an idea of jamming Bonkers Bay into the scoring remote (along with Mumbad Virtual Tour) and just express delivery Daily Business the Echoes, either playing them or Tech Starting them. Tech Startup and Echo Chamber had a spread of 2/3, and worked fine, but it was at the cost of tag punishment, hoping the runner would just expect that I always had it (when I didn't). After talking to @Grogboxer a lot about refinements, he ended up cutting a Tech Start and going to 1 Echo. I eventually went to a 2 Echo 1 Tech list for the tournament, adding a second Preemptive Action for redundancy, and I'm glad that I did. Tech Start was still a threat on the day, requiring a trash in the server after the runner jammed by a Raven and into MVT, and the Echoes gave me consistency to always have something to Exchange--that was their main purpose.

Critical Thoughts Before the Tournament: Grogboxer was concerned that RND was too weak now. Because of this, I opted for 2 AR-Enhanced Security, cutting one Quantum Predictive Model. Even though this makes you a bit more susceptible to yolo RND runs, it greatly improves your late-game prospects, provided you can get a Booth on RND. The second booth was the correct swap for a previous Archangel (which never did anything). AR-Enhanced Security was an all-star in the quarter-finals against @csbisa, who I would go on to play again in the finals.

Why Tech Startup? Honestly, I feel that CTM is so strong at its core that there's some room for flair. Tech Start lets you find your Echo and get on the board to threaten Exchange. Tech and Echo allow some really great bluff plays (jam in the iced remote) which are no-risk to you and high-risk to the runner. Because you have a few extra crap to jam in the remote, the runner's gambling needs to be even more on-point.

Thanks to the crew and players: The tournament had a really strong 16 player field, and Kriss ran the tourney perfectly. A true gentleman.

Tourney Breakdown: R1: vs Tyler on Argus/Omar

R2: vs Nate on Val Comrades but with DDOS/CTM

R3: @csbisa and I ID, we go to get lunch.

Top 8: R4: vs Justin on Aesop Apex

R5: vs @csbisa on Seamus Val

(The semi-final match was @checkthebox (Dyer Hayley) vs @csbisa (Skorp), and was a really intense match.)

R6: vs @csbisa on Seamus Skorp.

Congrats to @csbisa for getting the bye, and thanks to all the players!