Wrong version Azmari (15th at Belgian Nats)

Cpt_nice 1924

With the ban of Zero and thereby neutering of Clan Vengeance, I wanted to go back to the version of Azmari I played for store champs half a year back. The deck went undefeated back then, it got a more modest 3 - 2 this time, with another 2 wins in the side event on Sunday.

One of the reasons it did poorly was the overwhelming presence of Smoke (who was more popular than Val at this tourney) and with her the feared Film Critic. Also, contrary to EOI Azmari which has potential to win out of nowhere after any run, you need to outmoney the runner at the right time to win the game with Punitive. And contrary to my Jinja Azmari, which I also briefly considered, you don't have the speed to avoid the late game entirely.

Still, Azmari is still a beast of an ID with an ability every runner has to respect. And I had a blast at this event, so thank you to all my opponents and hopefully see you next month at the Dutch Nationals.