[SOCR7] Run Econ Akiko - Top 8

mbzrl 144

This was my choice of Runner deck for the 7th Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. My final record was 3-3, not having played it in the cut. One of my losses was down to the last credit; another a boneheaded move vs Argus; and another a boneheaded move in deckbuilding when I added Patchwork. That game went very poorly. Don't play Patchwork unless you're a legend.

My wins were all off sick rips. Akiko gives you an excuse to run R&D over and over again and just hope you win as the Corp goes from 22 credits to 21 credits. I added some run econ to maybe help with that plan but let's be honest you're not going to install it because you're too busy slamming into R&D. That's why you can use some of your influence on Miss Bones, even though you'll never see her at least she can feel included. Kit can't do that! And maybe someday you'll actually run the remote to trash Jinja Arella, that's what your Falsifieds and Compiles are for (but who are we kidding that remote is disgusting R&D looks a lot better).

Anyway, a really fun tournament overall! I'm happy to have made the top cut. Thanks to @FightingWalloon for hosting, he's done a spectacular job and deserves many props for having the initiative to start the tournament format and carry it through 7 iterations. It's perfect for someone like me who only has time for a couple games a week, and the emphasis on deckbuilding in a changing and underexplored format brings me a lot of joy.

These tournaments have accounted for the majority of my gametime over the past year, and though FightingWalloon is stepping down as organizer, I'm extremely pleased that the groundwork has been laid for the tournaments to continue with @Sanjay at the lead. The changes in the works for SOCR8 are very exciting, and though I plan to move on from this deck, I'm happy to discuss how I'd drop all the bad cards for more Stimhacks and The Maker's Eyes when we move to 3 Core Sets with anyone who is interested!

A final thanks to all my opponents for the excellent games and dialogue. I hope to see you all again in the next tournament!