Mad Tinkerer 65

The goal of this deck was simple, run often and abuse every unprotected server. So you can run each remote server once with Marathon (but be careful with unrezed unprotected cards a Spin Doctor or NGO Front can trash your Marathon).

While doing so you gain 1c for: -Pennyshaver -Each Bankroll -Each Aeneas Informant (most likely)

Some small notes:

With all your programms out you only have enough Memory for 1 Bankroll, so make sure to profit of 1 or 2 as early as possible.

Ice Carver and Takobi make up for the high strengh boost cost of #Cleaver and Buzzsaw in most cases.

You only want to trash assets/upgrades that really hurt (make you spend 5c, do damage or make the corp gain more money than you with running them)