Mars has no moons - 1st Nordics National Championships

TugtetguT 1946

I needed a deck with game against both EtF Moons and '@Terrificy the emperor penguin' and this deck seemed good during testing.

At the tournament it won against a Titan FA, 2x Moons EtF and 7 Penguins twice.

I played against @ravnr and one of the many Peters at the tourney (who's internet name I forgot to ask about). In the top cut I played @Terrificy, @Percomis and @Terrificy again in the finals.

Feel free to ask about all card choices

Thank you for all the games :-)

28 Aug 2017 percomis

Grats on the win Asger, hopefully we'll meet again at Worlds :)

28 Aug 2017 kollapse

Congrats on a great performance, you really earned it. Do you see this list can be modified come rotation (and leaked MWL) to still work in that meta?

28 Aug 2017 TugtetguT

I think it will be a pretty stable archetype post rotation. Losing the Whizzard credits is probably the biggest hit - you are dirt poor in the opening phase of the game. The other cards affected by rotation are WNP, Joshoa B and Fall Guy and I actually tested some without these three. And while it is better with Joshua B, you can still do a 4 click turn: MfM, install Dean Lister, install CS, make a CS run, so the power turn is still intact. But you will have to figure something out for early economy and maybe add some more tag me stuff.

28 Aug 2017 MikeJS

I will have you know Mars has 2 moons! Thankfully, neither is named Estelle :)

Congrats on the win!

28 Aug 2017 TugtetguT

@MikeJS Thanks! - I get smarter every day haha :D

28 Aug 2017 RavnR

Again; congrats @Tugtetgut. Much fun was had. And my two cents is that post-rotation, I think Edward Kim is a good choice for ID. I'm ahead of the meta as per usual.

28 Aug 2017 lukesim3

Congrats on the win!

I'm testing a very similar list (-1 Fall Guy, +1 Rebirth, and + 3 Inject instead of Hacktivist). It doesn't sound like you faced any AgInfusion on the day, but how has your matchup been vs. it? If you can land a siphon early and stay on top of them it can be alright, but I am tempted to replace the Fall Guys with Employee Strike.

I've found the Rebirth to be incredibly effective, as Omar can clear defensive upgrades that can stop your Siphons and Counter Surveillance runs.

Overall the deck has been winning consistently (accessing an average of 30 cards from R&D every game will do that...). Post-rotation, I think Stim Dealer could replace Joshua B. The damage is meaningless when your hand size is 20+.

29 Aug 2017 TugtetguT

@lukesim3 yea zero AginF, but I generally experienced the same as you. AGinF games tend to drag out when they have to protect against siphons, its hard to rush when you have to be able to rez chiyashi. I did play e-strike for a while, but in the end I just wanted to improve on the moons MU. I feel the currents are important vs moons and Tar Mar stuff so I personally wouldn't cut them.

@RavnRi'll keep that in mind haha!

29 Aug 2017 zmb

We're proud of you in our local Aarhus meta ;-) In my version of this, I´ve replaced the Fall Guys with 2 Dummy Box and 2 Jarogniew Mercs. Works well post-rotation too :)

29 Aug 2017 zmb

And i guess with a handsize of 20 after an Obelus draw you could afford some brain damage and replace Joshua B. with Amped Up :D

30 Aug 2017 kollapse

@zmb Where do you find influence for 2 Dummy Boxes?

30 Aug 2017 zmb

By replacing one Account Siphon with a Planned Assault and cutting the 3 Fall Guys

30 Aug 2017 TugtetguT

Dummy box does seem incredibly strong in any tag me deck.