Re-Engineering Death - BC Regionals Top 4

Solomir 202

Another take on the mounting popularity of Dedication Ronin IG decks.

I brought this deck to BC Regionals where it went 3-1 in Swiss, losing only to a Tidal Hayley who brought her whole toolkit to bear with 2 Paricias and Feedback Filter down by turn 3.

The ICE may seem expensive, but between Turtlebacks credits, baiting SSL Endorsement in Archives, and just clicking for credits, you'll have enough credits to flip up one or two nasty surprises for the runner. Few runners against IG decide to bank enough credits and cards to deal with Anansi in front of Urban Renewal.

Many thanks to @Insanit for the Death Rides Again list for the initial layout of the deck, @scd Storgoticization for the spiky ICE ideas, and of course Reduce, Renew, Recycle for the refinements to make this deck the way it now stands.