Pirate Apex (finally with a ship) - 4th @ Italian Nats 2022

Berzelius 275

This card is only good to keep a table steady

That was me, somewhere around February, talking about Endurance. Turns out i was wrong, to the point that it made Pirate Apex playable, after all, a real pirate needs a ship!

Word of advice: I had no time to dedicate to Netrunner in the last months, to the point that I assembled this deck in 15 minutes two days before the tournament, there is a lot of space to improve it, especially since two cards are unplayable (Light the Fire! and Citadel Sanctuary, lol, forgive me). From my tournament experience, those may be 1 Apocalypse, a great help against CtM and unfunny draconic decks, as well as a good way to reset the board if you have the second boat in hand, and 1 Boomerang, which should give more gas in longer games.

As for the deck, it fares well against today's glacier archetipes thanks to Prey and the ability to contest the remote. It struggles, instead, against NBN. Two top cut matches, one against my Official Whore and one against Darta's CtM were streamed on Koga's channel.

How to play: you want, if possible, to run every turn to get a DreamNet trigger and an Endurance token (it's your main breaker, after all). Gbahali, Kongamato and Endless Hunger ease your boat token expenditures and give you money and draws through Wasteland and Reaver, respectively. T400 Memory Diamond is to keep one Reaver down with Stargate.

Thank you everyone for participating, especially the Bologna crew (ReinaMorada and ChaosIsMe for the local organization and Ardu for the streaming equipment), guiot and KrysNB for the commentary and Koga for being the other judge, allowing me to play!

8 Nov 2022 MELLONE75

this is the best deck of the world .......... TI STIMO REBU!!!!!!!!!

8 Nov 2022 codychilton13

This. Is. PERFECT!!

8 Nov 2022 Berzelius

Thank you! :D

10 Nov 2022 Krasty

Could I know, how you are installing/using LtF and Citadel ?

10 Nov 2022 Krasty

ups, sorry it is in descrition... :o)

10 Nov 2022 Berzelius

Yep, I'm an idiot. Still, people tought I was running Assimilator and Apocalypse because of that. 4D chess. XD

13 Nov 2022 us0rman

did consume help u in any way?

14 Nov 2022 Berzelius

@us0rman Not as much as I wanted. The idea behind it was to have some gas against asset spam decks and, eventually, some added value from Stargate and Prey. It did help a bit against CtM, but you really need an Apocalypse to deal with all their shit. Against glacier, I barely used it.