Best Coast CtM (3rd, 16th, 19th, 26th at Worlds)

JuneCuervo 2586

Everyone from San Francisco/Testing House played a slightly different CtM deck other than Weston Odom, Noah McKee, Kyle James and myself.

Product Placement was added to the deck while we were playing with 3x Prisec, and then we dropped the Prisec and kept the Product Placements.

Bankers was dropped because it wasn't an effective use of influence (gets trashed before it fires, or gains you 2c) and Product Placement will always get you that 2c, while also being solid against Medium digs and random accesses. CtM is in general very poor, and any way you can make money to rez your Tollbooths is really important.

Biotic Scores astro and breaking news. Occasionally Beale, but not usually. Reliably putting the Astro in your score area felt critical in close games, so Biotic was the call.

Timmy Wong, Kyle James, Brian Williams and myself built the 3-4am list 2 days before the tournament with product placement and Biotic, and then Noah and Wes put the final touches on it the night before.

Weston convinced us to play 2x Tollbooth, Noah convinced us to play 3x Pop-Up Window and Raven, and I convinced everyone to stop testing Palana so we can play CtM. ;)

List did well for us!

8 Nov 2016 clercqie

For Belgian nats we were also on Prisec, which is fantastic if the field is equally dominated by Andy as Whizz. Much better early game political protection than MVT, in my opinion.

However, if the field is heavily dominated by tag-me Whizz, Prisec does absolutely nothing indeed.

Did your testing Palana include Navi Grid? :p

8 Nov 2016 clercqie

Bit more serious:

  • Do you find ASI a worthwhile include over a 2nd HHN?
  • Why Enigma over Quandary in a field full of Yog?
  • No Archangel?

Of course massive congrats on the collective placement of your testing house. Being able to develop decks and going to events as a team, makes this game even more fun than it already is.

8 Nov 2016 tmoiynmwg
  • Prisec is also very good; the numbers just don't quite work out in a field with this much Whizzard and econ denial.
  • I believe @Joseki did a lot of testing with Navi Mumbai City Grid ;-)
  • I like having 1 ASI a lot. In addition to the obvious application in the DLR matchup, it's by far the strongest tag punishment card if you can draw it at the right time against Andy or Whizz.
  • Enigma is stronger for rushing because of Parasite and the click tax is very relevant in a tag-based strategy. Also, fronting the 5 for Yog is really annoying against CtM.
  • My 50th card is probably Archangel. There just didn't end up being room for another midrange ice that gets blanked by Rabbit Hole.