Padlock Freedom 4th at 38 person York Regional

rotage 2620


This is the list I used to come 4th at the York regional. The list was sent to me by fredpi on Friday morning which he had built based on watching some Jnet games that James Grey was playing, as I was travelling to York that morning I had no time to test it so obviously I decided to bring it as I thought it would be a laugh. The only changes I made was to remove 2 Street Peddlers to add 2 extra Knobkeria

Card Choices

Knifed - Was great when I was able to used it as with Pelangi and Consume you can get rid of any ice and make money for doing it, but often I ended up stuck in my hand I was unable to use it
Hippo - People are used to use and can play around it, but with Freedom if they don't rez the ice it just makes those central runs that much cheaper
Knobkierie - Along with Consume a key part of the deck, being able to chose which card to put a virus token on is very valuable, I tended to put it on either Imp and Consume and sometimes Pelangi. Although 3 copies does mean dead draws its great to see it early
Consume - In a typical run you can use Knobkierie to put a counter on it and hopefully trash a card to get another token, I'd often click to use it when it just had 2 or 3 tokens on it, as it is like using a Sure Gamble or a Super Sure Gamble.
Stargate - Didn't get to use this as much I would have liked but MU was often an issue

The Day

Round 1 - I used my SC bye to chat to people and wander about
Round 2 - As is now York tradition (i.e second time it has happened) I faced Jamie on Azmari , he got early ice on centrals and a scarcity which made my 3 daily casts in my hand very sad. He got a strong remote setup via Jinja which was hard for me to contest, I managed to get to 4pts via central accesses but he was able to score out of the remote
Round 3 - I faced Andy who was part of the AirBnB crew (along with Ian, Sam, Chris and Swiftie thanks to you all for your advice btw.) Andy was on Palana and it was a great game of netrunner with a lot of back and forth, I managed to get my engine setup and was trying to get central accesses to disrupt Andy which was fine until he rezzed a macrophage which was unexpected and incredibly rude. Luckily I was able to deal with this (just about) However I was able to win via central accesses
Round 4 - I IDed this round, I used this time to explore the building
Round 5 - I IDed this round, I tried to figure out how to manually work out SoS, I failed

Cut Round 2 - I faced Paulyg on Blue Sun, this game was on stream so you can watch it, Paulyg was on Blue Sun. He go to 4ap early but after this I got setup and was able to attack HQ and R&D to trash cards, I Imped 6AP as I was afraid of punitive. He scored out the winning agenda behind a Excalibur and Border Control which I could not deal with as my Pelangi was in the heap and I had no Clone Chip
Cut Round 3 - I faced James on RP. This was game went very well as I got a fantastic opening hand of Sure Gamble, Liberated and Consume so I was able to constantly deal with any new remotes and put pressure on HQ, while doing this I managed to steal an TFP from HQ and a Nisei from a remote, eventually I hit the winning agenda in HQ

Final Thoughts

So the deck did better then I thought (I wanted Freedom to deal with IG and there was 0 at York) when the engine was setup (Consume, Knobkierie, and breakers) it felt really goood but the issue was often the time and consitency this could happen. Sometimes I would be clicking to draw cards or Inject has put too many of my programs in the bin. So I would like to solve this issues to move this deck forward at this moment not sure what the answers are, but would welcome any feedback

Thanks to all my opponents, the AirBnb crew, Aki for running a great event and for the Padlock for deputising for the Dont Run Duck who was in a conference in Miami

11 Aug 2019 Cliquil

Do you think there is a version of this that goes all in on Pelangis? I've been trying to do so in Val but was wodnering about if Freedom was enough central pressure.

12 Aug 2019 rotage

Interesting idea, without freedom you can drop the consume and SMC and Yusuf and add more ecom/draw and more pelangi, I'll have a ponder what that list looks like

12 Aug 2019 JamesG

I would recommend adding 2 street peddler to the list, cutting 1 knobkierie and 1 liberated account (or just play 46 cards). Going from 6 to 8 draw cards is critical for the deck in my experience, since you want to be set up as fast as possible.

12 Aug 2019 rotage

Thanks, I haven't tested with Peddlers but I probably should, 2 knobkierie should be ok. How about -1 knifed for +1 hippo to reduce the amount of events

12 Aug 2019 apo

"built based on watching some Jnet games" lol just give credit where it is due ;). That's a classic jamesgrey khumalo!

12 Aug 2019 JamesG

@rotage 2 Knifed and 3 hippo is definitely the way to go. You might want to find some space for a single trope if you need some key card at the right time (an extra clone chip/knifed or a hippo that you lost to Stimhack)

As for Peddler, I use it very liberally except on turn 1 maybe. Stimhacking into liberated, knob or even hippo is always amazing

12 Aug 2019 rotage

@jamesg Apologies, I was given the list and was told it was from games he saw on Jnet, so I will update the write up accordingly

Yeah trope could be fun, yeah I defintely need to try Peddler I was probabely hasty in cutting it without testing i9t

16 Aug 2019 FreqKing

I've been experimenting with a similar archetype. I've found Test Run a better fit than SMC personally. It mitigates Inject and occasionally nets you another use on Pelangi or D4v1d. Also testing a one of Friday Chip, but as always slots are tight. Congrats on the placement!