Beale Bomb - One Turn Fast Advance 7 Points

notyetsuperman 27

This is a Standard Legal casual deck designed to fast advance a single 7 agenda point win in one turn.

The gimmick revolves around three cards.

Biotic Labor

Install Project Beale

Red Planet Couriers costing

Perform that sequence with 13 advancement counters in play and you've successfully scored 7 agenda points in a single turn. You'll need 9 .

To support the decks game plan it needs card draw and/or search effects and several advancement counter targets.

Influence is tight and the deck contains one copy each of Biotic Labor and Red Planet Couriers. This version includes 15 cards that offer additional card draw. Should the Runner keep a tag, Lily Lockwell can fetch the operation to be used next turn.

Collecting counters is a grind. Midnight Sun introduces advancement counters to NBN. In faction, ID Pravdivost Consulting: Political Solutions and several ICE will create the counters. Mestnichestvo is the in faction target to store the counters. NBN has other cards that can store counters but it's preferable to store them on ICE which is likely to be trashed. The counters are more easily accumulated and stored with help from Weyland. Looking for low influence support the deck adds Anson Rose to create the counters and Ice Wall to store them.

When you rez ICE be sure to move the counters off Anson. The text on Anson does not require a valid target. Anson is a likely trash target. Move the counters at every opportunity.

Sit back and click for credits, draw cards while you wait to accumulate the counters and combo pieces. Enjoy the milestone, 7 agenda points in as single turn.