Dyper v3.25 (Top 16 at Worlds 2016)

rotage 2928

This is the my latest Dyper list which I took to Worlds that went 7-2, the list is tweaked from the version I took to UK nats see: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/37074/dyper-v3-21-7th-at-uk-nationals-2016-

The deck has been a project of mine for over a year now with various changes being made to it to deal with meta changes, MWL updates and people adapting to the deck and in some cases slotting hate against the hate (I'm looking at you Swiftie!)

Like all Dyper decks the deck relies upon one power turn to make multiple keyhole runs to steal 7 agenda points. This version is different as it not only has the False Echo / DDOS option to enable multiple free runs on R&D but it also has Apocalypse / Faust / Bookmark to enable the runs as well

Apocalypse is used in the following scenarios:

• When either there is an agenda in a remote server

• There are multiple servers and you suspect there are agendas installed

• You don’t have Rumor Mill to prevent Jackson being used

• There are more than 3 ice installed on R&D

• You just want to blow stuff up

Any questions or feedback is welcome

8 Nov 2016 Bilitherubin

Was a blast playing against ya on the last round of day 1. Got myself the full-on Dyper experience. When the combo is firing off, Rotage is entranced by the puzzle ahead of him. Fun stuff :D

8 Nov 2016 Swiftie

I'm happy to talk about all hate cards that I have tested against rotage for the last 8 months that i've been subjected to this deck or decks like it.

10 Nov 2016 edpham

I decided to build this and my goodness is it pretty insane. Just the amount of card draw in combination with bookmark plus the DDoS/False Echo combo is just insane. I love the creativity of the list and all the cool cards that are in it. Only thing I don't like is you do feel like you're playing somewhat solitaire-like turns, but when you go off, it's pretty ridiculous.

10 Nov 2016 rotage

@Bilitherubin Thanks was a great game and was sorry one of us had to lose, in a way when you said the day before you didn't want to face me because of my deck I felt fate might intervene at some point :)

@edphamThanks, a lot of people have mentioned a lot of the crazy cards in here but all serve a purpose, even the lone cache has won me games before

Yeah it is a bit solitaire like and my next thing will be more interactive, although in same games I have used faust as a normal breaker and stolen agendas before a mini big turn.

12 Nov 2016 Swiftie

'even the lone cache has won me games before'

Trash cache to use faust to break a sub. great use there... ;P

12 Nov 2016 rotage

@swiftie it still won me the game though :)

14 Nov 2016 Elodius

Oh. My. God. This is brilliant ! I thought Dyper out of Kate was fun, but this is insane !

If I had practiced a few games before Euregio VI I think I could have gone 4-1 with this piece of madness.

Will you keep playing Bookmark with the arrival of Best Defense? The Bookmarks are pretty important in certain situations...

Thanks for sharing this list !

14 Nov 2016 rotage

@ElodiusThanks, Best Defense is an issue and I have a few possible ideas to test, the strongest is Sacrificial Construct but as usual the issue is finding slots for it

Did you Apocalypse much?

14 Nov 2016 Elodius

Yeah ! I Apocalypse'd 4 games, the one I didn't, was against NEH Boom combo with 1 ICE on R&D and 12 clicks to start Keyholing, so not necessary.

Sacrificial Construct is perfect ! LF slots !

14 Jan 2017 jjthejetplane246

What's the standard CTM matchup like? I haven't played he dyper v CTM matchup much at all, so just curious on general pointers. Doesn't seem great but I guess if you see apocalypse and less ice on R&D, it just goes off sooner.

14 Jan 2017 jjthejetplane246

And I've seen the build out of Kate too. Do you think it's a tossup or are you set that Hayley is strictly better?

15 Jan 2017 rotage

@jjthejetplane246 For me the plan now vs CtM is to ignore all remotes and build up as fast as possible, ideally get money and a NACH out to prevent them from using a breaking news to closed accounts me. Then once they get to match point I go for the big turn. The matchup isn't too bad as most CtM decks are very similar so it makes it easier to plan the turn.

I think Kate or Hayley is fine, Kate makes more sense in the standard list with 3 clone chip and 3 false echo as you get more value there. This deck has more resources so Hayley is good. I also like Hayley as if I need to combo sooner than I had planned then I can use Hayley to install a Hyperdriver from my hand if required

4 Feb 2017 Casshern1324

What are your thoughts on Equivocation in Dyper and if you were to play it, what would you change about the deck?

5 Feb 2017 rotage

@Casshern1324It is an auto include it makes the Keyhole much more powerful and allows the option to mill the corp. I have made a few other changes to this deck so currently I would drop 1 All-nighter for Equivocation. Also with Best Defense being a card that can target Bookmark I have started to include Sacrificial Construct. I have dropped 1 Daily Casts and 1 Astrolabe for 2 Sacrificial Construct