Schadenfreude 2.0 - Italian King of Server 2018 Winner Team

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As for my Corp, I cannot say that this Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter is the successor of my previous deck (, because the list and the strategies are quite different. After rotation & Coreset 2.0 my old Reina became obsolete, and I reinvented it completely...

...First of all, this deck runs a lot of economic resources. Liberated Account is crucial against Weyland & NBN, and Underworld Contact is the primary source of creds: The Archivist, one of the best new cards and one of my favourite, along with Maxwell James is important for triggering it and if you install him in early game; sure you will give the corp 1-2 bad pubs, because the corp will never spend any once he or she sees that you are playing Diversion of Funds in 2 copies, and it is very useful against orizontal decks (also with Mining Accident and Hijacked Router). In fact, the old tactic still remains: Eater + Hippo and En Passant for the ICE destruction. The single copy of Itinerant Protesters is my 46th card and it's my silver bullet: I've put it in against The Outfit, because for this kind of deck it's unbeatable; it serves also as a 4th current to discard Scarcity (and in general is good, I give an average of 2-3 bad pubs per play)... thanks to my meta mate @Bestialterata, is because of your wicked Outfit (he beaten me so many times...) that I've decided to play this card!!! <3

With this I made 4-1 at the italian KoS and it reached the position of best Anarch of the tournament. I won against Outfit (thanks to Itinerant Protesters!!!!!), CtM, Azmari and Jinteki: PE (a mirror, because my corp has the same ID: I've lost only against a Biotech, that destroyed my brain :S.

Thanks For reading this, and long live the Red Queen!!!!