The Best Defense

aleph_c 620

Temüjin Contract came out, and now the runner can get all the money they need.

Rumor Mill came out, and our bioroids, clones, executives, and sysops may very well do nothing.

But we're Jinteki. And we can still ask the runner the same two questions we've asked them since Genesis:

  1. Do you have your breakers?
  2. "Cards in hand?"
2 Sep 2016 Oziride

the idea behind the deck is great, I've tried it some games but I've problems.
economy, the ice isn't cheap, try to score AND had some credit for SNARE isn't easy.
1 prisec isn't enought and happens that I can't find the 2°.
I think the deck can do things but cards space must be adjusted.

3 Sep 2016 BizTheDad

OK, I can't believe how fun this deck is to play. Also, there are so many win conditions. I'm pretty shocked. Thanks so much for sharing.

12 Sep 2016 pygreg

I am really enjoying this deck, thanks for posting.