[Startup] Arissana LilyBands

Baxder 52

First attempt at a TAI runner deck. Hoping to get a lot of draw-3-install-2 runs with the Arissana LilyBands combo; cycle programs for credits with ET and UAV; and never have to pay for another program install after turn 2-3.

Mull for econ, but keep Umbrella/Egret combos. Otherwise, Test Run for the other when you draw into either.

Run a 2-ICE central with a Pichação in hand and one installed to build up Deep Dive clicks FTW.

5 Aug 2023 Baxder

First iteration: +2 Telework Contract +2 Prepaid VoicePAD +1 Monkeywrench −1 Creative Commission −1 DZMZ Optimizer −2 Dirty Laundry −1 Saci