Kit - Network Specialist (Single System Core GNK)

saracenus 1054

This is the single system core 2019 deck I took to the Kitchen Table GNK at Game Rules in Portland, Oregon. I went 3-1 with it (dropping only my third round game because I got super aggressive and plowed into a 4 advanced Junebug that I considered might have been an over advanced Beal. My opponent Vee was just getting me back for dying hard against my Snare! in the previous game of the match.

What is the strategy here? Simple, money and aggression. An early ProCon is strong, I would take that over even Gordian Blade in my starting hand. I only had a full rig out once the whole tournament. Lock the remote and pound R&D. The tools are all there.

Draw is life, draw and 1 is even better life.

My opponents did not expect aggression from Shaper and that allowed me to snake earlier agendas. Being able to overrun a single ice server slows experienced players down and is a hard lesson for those just starting out.

Yeah, I am going to swap out a couple cards but there really isn't much you can change as the influence is tight.
* Drop 1 Corroder and replace with 1 Battering Ram free up room for Special Order.
* Ice Analyzer was a dead draw for me the whole tournament, drop 1 to bring in the Special Order.