Flying V (1st Newcastle Store Champ)

Inactivist 265

This is an entirely familiar Val that sits somewhere between Comrades and Seamus variants because I was up the night before cursing Titan, Skorp, Aginfusion et al. then remembered there was a card for that.

Indexing had kept getting stymied by Miraju in Jinja decks and Test Run felt like a liability in the convict hellscape down in Australia that can't get enough of Skorp for some reason. I opted for Triple Dans and an extra Career Fair to speed up the deck a little and because seeing a row of threes in a deck is inherently satisfying.

Just look at that event list. Ahhhhh.

The expose effect was also occasionally useful for getting Turtle back in the game after a purge.

Utopia Shard was a pet spare influence because I was expecting at least one (other) dumb Titan deck as well as probably RPC Skorp and other general utility as a poor man's Legwork. It can easily be a PolOp, third TTW/Turtle (threes are always good) or whatever pocket card you like if your local meta don't play jerk decks.

Imp was hedging my bets against Obokata without Film Critic, which it never ended up doing, but it did trash a Mushin so slot well spent in my opinion.

Lost my first two games on the day with it then actually learned how to play Netrunner again and went tearing through the back half of the day and the cut. Utopia Shard more than pulled its weight, allowing me to stare down two different Skorp decks and sling bon mots about why they weren't using their Atlas counters. Unfortunately the two Employee Strikes in my opening hand meant I won against Titan in the final before it could see use but I like to believe it was offering moral support all the same.

12 Mar 2018 NtscapeNavigator

The name of your deck made me worried, as Newcastle, UK store champ is next sunday (18th) and for a second I thought I got the date wrong and missed it, then a quick google I found out this was Newcastle, Aus.

Anyway deck looks very similar to what I've been playing with much success. Congrats on the win.

14 Mar 2018 Matt500

Another Val deck thats good. UTOPIA SHARD THOUGH i second the amazement at the Kim-level event inclusion. Its like criminal.... except has draw, money, a win condition, and generally good cards. Who knew.

14 Mar 2018 BizTheDad

It's just nuts how this archetype just keeps winning.