Isobel's Fast Traps Emporium

Absotively 1064

I took this to Calgary regionals and went 4-2. Runner deck was Melyr's Mad Robot, with which I went 2-3.

Compared to the last time I took Saraswati to a regionals, I've reduced the asset spam and added a bit of ice and a wider variety of traps and fast-advance tools. Also Ronin. And more Otoroshi, because Otoroshi is a fantastic card.

Some thoughts on card choices: The deck runs a bit too poor to rez Hostile Infrastructure in most games, so it's only really there as an anti-Apocalypse tech card. Isobel will make you a ton of money if she stays on the table very long, which is why good players won't let that happen, which in turn is why I stopped playing three. Ice Wall was a late addition because I wanted someplace to bank Isobel and Trick of Light counters when people kept trashing Junebugs, and it worked pretty well for that.

Overall, I think this deck is pretty decent now. And it's fun! At least, it's fun for the Corp player.

Credit for "fast traps emporium" goes to Aki.