Border Casinoo-no-Mikoto (2nd at Chatteris SC)

swabl 341

Iiiiiit's Mti! You know this list, you love this list, fair, friendly, fun Mti

Extremely standard take on the archetype, with a few novel and spicy 1-ofs:

If Fast Track isn't in your Mti deck you're putting yourself at a massive disadvantage. I've scored so many Niseis off the back of this, it's just too good.

Shipment from Tennin's include was chiefly inspired by @mo0man's list, but didn't do anything on the day. The UK meta is very Crim and Val focused, running far too much to easily get value out of it. Just got discarded all day, should have been the 3rd IPO.

Speaking of the UK meta's predilection for Crim and Val, Cyberdex Virus Suite was a 1-of hate card I was more than happy to have included. Purging before they hit a DNA Tracker or hell, even a Border Control, is huge, and once it's in archives that's one less server you have to worry about. Very meta-dependent but it served me well.

Sand Storm is basically another Nisei counter out of Mti, probably shouldn't go above 1 lest you dilute your ICE suite.

And finally, what I feel is an actual innovation and contribution to the archetype: Susanoo-no-Mikoto. Only 1 more to rez than DNA Tracker/Anansi, but at 7 strength it's hard for Aumakua to deal while being no less taxing for the commonly played killers. It's subroutine is good. It's a pseudo end the run that makes them deal with another piece of ICE, so they cannot just tank it if they're poor, also making it a Batty target, and all on one of your taxing ICE! Central or remote, this can do a ton of work. Being unique it's certainly not more than a 1-of, but I think it's a very compelling replacement for 1 of your Anansis.

The games on the day were:

  1. Win vs. Apoc Val
  2. Lose vs. Leela - a damn close game too, I was scoring out a winning 5/3 behind a Thimbelrig of all things, but they found an Amina at the clutchest possible time. "Draw, draw, install, run" with no way to stop them. From there I slowly lost.
  3. Won vs. Crowdfunding Val
  4. Won vs. Apoc Val. Another absurdly close game. He stole 2 SSLs very quickly and had Rebirthed into Omar while I was short on ICE, but I managed to hold it together for a win in the end. An important victory because this was a 2-4-1! Was just enough to push me into the cut on strength of schedule.

And in the top-3, single-sided cut:

  1. I was on runner and won, so no corp game here.
  2. A rematch of the 3rd round of Swiss, but alas I was not able to repeat the performance. There was 1 critical misplay. He had tanked an Anansi, letting me rearrange the top 5 - which I put as Hedge Fund, Rashida, NGO, SSL and Nisei. Anansi then let me draw the Hedge Fund which I gladly did. Then my opponent ran R&D 3 times to pull back Crowdfunding, while I was a bit too poor to rez anything important there. So he trashes the Rashida, NGO and then steals the SSL. I should have done NGO or Rashida, then Hedge Fund, then the rest, to protect the otherwise soft server. But I forgot about the draw when I rearranged! And didn't realise what a critical mistake that was until it happened. I'd like to think that would have been a very different game, but my opponent was playing excellently so probably not.

3-2 overall, and my best ever finish. Pretty pleased about that!